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Ghana needs quality public transport, says employers’ association leader

Posted by on Oct 9, 2013 in All news, Bus, Employment, Occupational health and safety, Safety, Services, Social inclusion, Sub-Saharan Africa, Sustainability, Systems, Urban planning |

The developmental importance of quality public transport has been highlighted this week by the Ghana Employers Association (GEA), which has told the country’s government that a clear transport plan is urgently needed.

Chronic traffic congestion in the main cities of Accra and Kumasi means that private business employees report for duty late and tired, and “cannot give of their best”,  according to Alex Frimpong, GEA’s chief executive officer, as reported in

Mr Frimpong added that road congestion was also compromising the workers’  health and safety, and he added: “There is a need for government to give a clear policy direction on how to handle urban transport.

“The private operators have done their best to keep public transport going, but I think going forward we cannot continue to rely on them for developmental purposes.

“In the absence of a tram or well-networked and developed rail system, we should begin to look at how we can get bigger buses to reduce the vehicles on the roads [in Accra] for now.”

You can see for yourself how bad the congestion is the problems it is causing in this youtube video.



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