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Women’s fear of violence restricts their movement, limiting their use of public spaces and movement from their homes to public or other private spaces, says a new report from ActionAid International. Calling for more investment in public transport and other services, the report says public transport workers’ training should include gender-related aspects.

Based on research in six developing country cities, the report recommends: “The focus must be on right to mobility rather than restrictions on women. Public services including street lighting, efficient transportation with special seating for women and strict safety norms with respect to harassment of women will facilitate this.”

In Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley, for example, “women constantly face various kinds of sexual harassment in public places like streets, markets, parks, temples, bus stops and on different public transport vehicles”. The report says the “harassers are male travellers, as well as drivers and conductors”, and that “although the problem of sexual harassment is widespread, it is not openly acknowledged”.

You can download the report here.

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