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Free public transport? It’s more common than you’d think

Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Accessibility, All news, Bus, Europe, Funding, Social inclusion, Sustainability |

You don’t have to pay to use the buses and tube trains in London in the early hours of New Year’s Day. But that’s nothing compared to Tallinn: from 1 January, 2013, passengers in the Estonian capital will get free rides for the rest of the year too.

As the British daily newspaper The Independent reports: “Tallinn’s bold step has reignited the debate about whether free public transport in cities is something we should aspire to.”

The Tallinn plan has its opponents, some of whom see it as a populist political move rather than a way to improve public transport. But the idea is gathering support elsewhere as cities look for ways to get people out of their cars and into the buses.

“Even in the rather less socialist-minded United States there is a surprising range of free transport,” reports The Independent, and you can see its article here.

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