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Road deaths are a global epidemic. Quality Public Transport is one of the cures.

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Quality public transport systems and services are vital not only to make cities of the future more liveable and sustainable, and to enable the poorest as well as the richest citizens to access the jobs, markets and services they need.  There is growing awareness that quality public transport is also literally a matter of life and death. As an article published today in The Guardian reminds us, 1.2 million people die and up to 50 million are injured in traffic accidents annually, nearly half...

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British union launches campaign for Better London Transport

Posted by on Aug 19, 2013 in Accessibility, All news, Employment, Europe, Management, New Technology, PPP, Rail, Safety, Security, Services, Sustainability, Systems |

qpt | Quality Public TransportBritain’s Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA) has launched a Better London Transport campaign to improve services for passengers in ways that also protect staff jobs, terms and conditions. The union says it supports “change that means better customer experience, improved reliability, accessibility, environmental sustainability, safe transport hubs, increased capacity, integrated services and greater say for users and workers in how the service...

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New quality standards scheme for bus rapid transit

Posted by on Mar 27, 2013 in Accessibility, All news, Asia, Bus, Children, Disabled, Elderly, Employment, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, Management, Middle East and north Africa, New Technology, North America, Occupational health and safety, Oceania, Safety, Security, Services |

The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) has released what it calls the first comprehensive standard for Bus Rapid Transit services. Describing it as a “defining and scoring designation for bus rapid transit (BRT) systems around the world”, the ITDP says it is “similar to the LEED designation for green buildings”. “Funded by The Rockefeller Foundation, The BRT Standard is the centerpiece of a global effort by leaders in BRT design to establish...

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Union warns that London Underground staff cuts undermine passenger safety

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The British transport union RMT has praised a driver who rescued a 12-year-old boy from a dangerous situation in London Underground sidings, and warned that the boy would have remained in mortal danger if the train had been driverless. The news came as London Underground announced it would not be introducing driverless trains for the foreseeable future, although the idea has not been ruled out forever and remains part of its rolling stock procurement planning for the 2020s. London Underground...

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Australian bus drivers “fear for their lives”

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Public bus drivers in Queensland and New South Wales are facing so many threats to their safety on night shifts that many are in fear of their lives. So says an ABC News report, citing the Australian Transport Workers Union. The report quotes the union’s passenger transport co-ordinator, Bob Giddens, as saying: “It’s getting to the stage now where drivers are sort of leaving in the morning, wondering if they’re going to be next. “When you return into the depot and...

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Philippines BRT plan to protect informal bus workers

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Jeepney drivers in the Philippines city of Cebu won’t lose out following the development of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system there, transport planners have assured them. Jeepneys are the informal buses that serve passengers in cities in the Philippines, and Cebu’s BRT will displace them along its 16 kilometre route. Cebu City Council approved the BRT plan last month following a pre-feasibility study carried out by British consultants, Integrated Transport Planning (ITP). The first services...

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